50′ – € 70,00 

To release the body and the Mind.

The shells used are called Lavashell and are native to the Philippines. The heat emitted by the shells. Consisting of calcium carbonate and mineral content as well as lyophilized algae, aims to dissolve muscle tension while fragrances of aromatic oils give a feeling of peace and relaxation for the mind. In addition, thanks to the calcium ions released by the shells themselves during the massage, the skin undergoes a cell renewal process that makes it more smooth and toned


45 minuti – € 45,00

Relaxing massage with organic coconut oil

Extra charge:

with   MelOil oil with tuscan maremma olive oil, Argan and jojoba + € 15,00

with  Argan  oil   + € 20,00


55′ – € 75,00

The action of holistic massage (The term holism comes from the Greek όλος, olos, which stands for “totality”), improves blood circulation and thus helps the cardiovascular system to transport oxygen and nutrients to cells, tissues and organs Interiors. The different movements of the massage also eliminate traces trapped in the muscles, contributing to decongestion and elimination while increasing the purifying action of the lymphatic system.

Full body-face-head massage with organic oils: draining, toning, deconstructing and relaxing. For a complete well-being of the whole body and mind.



50′ – € 75,00

Body and soul cease in magnificent moments where only your relaxation exists. A sublime moment that breaks the daily routine, a millennial treatment to find today an oasis of serenity. This particular massage, based on energy therapies, positively affects the physical energies to balance them with the psychic ones. This results in the perfect harmony of our being, resulting from a completely natural treatment


50′ – € 55,00

A massage of pure pleasure: here is the philosophy of the California massage, the most sensual of all. There is nothing better to restore contact with your body


45′ – € 65,00

With shea butter and mango, for a playful, instinctive and sensual massage, to the inebriating scent of exotic flowers and fruits. Nourishing and hydrating for the skin.


50′ – € 75,00

Is the massage of relaxation, serenity, the sweetest pamper you can give yourself. Its aroma envelops your soul, inhomens your mind, smells your skin. Its innumerable properties make it a precious ally for physical and psychological wellbeing. Let yourself be pampered by this soothing massage, the Chocolat Massage: softening and ‘delightful’, delightful hedonistic moment, is a real full-immersion of both physical and mental wellness and relaxation: a temptation that is impossible to withstand. They call him a smile massage because already the only thought of chocolate makes the smile smile on his lips. It is now proven that chocolate contains particular substances, such as caffeine and theobromine, which can stimulate the central nervous system and improve the tone of the mood.



[accordion_inner title=”SPECIFIC LOCAL MASSAGE TO MAKE TENSIONS AND CONTRACTS  “] [/accordion_inner]

20′ € 30 

Localized massage: you choose .only back, face-head, face-off, neck and shoulders, legs