From the extra virgin olive oil of the  Maremma, there is an exclusive anti-aging facial treatment.

Re-balancing to return to the skin all those substances necessary to keep her healthy and young.


MelOil Face with exclusive La Melosa Spa products made from extra virgin olive oil and extracts from organic herbal plants


ANTI-AGE IDRATANTE with pomegranate

The most important virtue of POMEGRANATE is the presence of high-activity antitumor substances such as ellagic acid, flavonoids and other substances with properties
Antioxidants, combined with the properties of olive oil and Argan oil, is a true vitamin pool that gives skin toning and elasticity. Suitable for all types of skin and age.


60’/ € 50,00

With soy isoflavones, deep cleansing with bamboo microspheres peeling, cleansing fluid enriched with detoxifying and regenerating bioactive plant extracts, anti-age soy isoflavones cream, anti-aging serum


60’/€ 50,00

Suitable for mixed skins with impurities, treatment with re-balancing cream rich in active ingredients contained in the nuts of babbasu, rosemary officinalis, neem, thymus. The strong presence of officinal plants also makes it an aroma-therapy treatment. Full treatment includes: cleansing, peeling and message with rebalancing cream


60’/ 50,00 

Ideal for very dry  skins, MelOil’s hydro-active cream captures the water from the inside, bringing it into the first layers of the epidermis, giving it a fresh feeling and more skin tone. The complete treatment includes: deep cleansing, peeling, hydro-active cream, serum.




60’/€ 65

Nourishment and luxury from exceptional potential. High-quality essential fatty acids with rapid absorption of phospholipid and phosphoproteins that can help the wrinkles relax and the brightness of the skin. A formula of advanced cosmo-dermatological value enhanced by omo-polypeptides that perform a restorative action that helps stimulate the natural synthesis of collagen.


60’/€ 65

Micronized 24k gold, hyaluronic acid and carotenoids for a magical and precious texture: skin fed, smooth, bright and looking younger. Gold has a catalytic effect of antioxidant and catalytic substances that can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin that favors the relaxation of the wrinkles



60’/€ 55


The many cosmetic properties of Vitis vinifera are exalted in the line of grape must to detoxify and help counteract the loss of skin toning. In addition, the properties of kiwi and pomegranate allow a deep moisturizing enriched with the vitamins contained therein.

A complete treatment of deep moisturizing, nourishing and free radicals.