Our MenĂ¹

Some our proposals:

  • Vegetable flan with parmesan sauce
  • Pecorini cheeses selection with Maremma’s jam and honey
  • Tomatoes soup (pappa al pomodoro) with basil and parmesan
  • Quenelle of codfish on polenta crouton with sepia ink


  • Pici with curcuma with tomato sauce and garlic (aglione)
  • Pappardelle with hare sauce
  • Gnudi with ricotta cheese and spinach with olive oil and thyme


  • Sliced of beef to grill with ginger sauce (Tagliata)
  • Peposo of beef
  • Florentine steak
  • Orange chicken with rocket salad and balsamic sauce
  • codfish with bean cream


  • Apple pie with ice cream
  • Orange panna cotta
  • Cantucci (typical tuscan biscuits with almonds) and vin Santo (sweet wine)