Roccastrada is a classical medieval village full of history and nature.

It is possible to visit all the other surrounding towns (Ribolla, Roccatederighi, Torniella, Sassafortino, Montemassi, Sticciano Alto, Sticciano Sede, Piloni) the old and picturesque castles, of which Montemassi still holds its profile and the scenery which was the background to the masterpiece of “Guidoriccio da Fogliano” wall painting done by Simone Martini in 1330 within the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena as a memory of the submission to obedience of the Balzana Lords.

Roccastrada is also built on a castle – that of Count Aldobrandeschi.

Siena always attracts many tourists for its wonderful monuments and its numerous masterpieces to visit in its museums.

Some great artists were born in Siena and among them it is to remind Duccio di Boninsegna and Nicola Pisano, who worked on the greatest masterpiece in Siena: the Duomo.

In narrow and winding lanes, in museums and in the quarter oratorios you may hear Palio propitiatory chants that recall the ancient customs and modern allegories. In the evening, on the other side, the patter of soles on the desert paving contrasts to the peace of the green valleys surrounded by the walls by its ancient administrators, for centuries till today.

In the town you may admire many masterpieces such as the Duomo, set in the Campo, Siena’s red-bricked main square and the wonderful landscape of Facciatone, the hall of Pellegrinaio in Santa Maria della Scala, the Piccolomini library, the prestigious Accademy Chigiana and the wide rooms in Fortezza Medicea, that hides the rarest wines in Siena, in Tuscany and in the peninsula.