Events / Festivals / Sagres

Exhibition “Flavors of Ancient Genuineity” 16/18 June Roccastrada in the village

Holiday “The Middle Ages in the Village” Roccatederighi first weekend of August

September Roccastradino first week of September, traditional donkey palio , tastings of typical products

Chestnut Festival – Roccastrada (Grosseto)

October 30 – November 1

The historic center of Sassofortino during this festival is reminiscent of colors, scents and flavors of Maremma, between ancient cellars and genuine gastronomy. Go for Wineries and go for Tables. An exhilarating and enveloping provocation. You will experience rich, unique fragrances made of special aromas, you will encounter the genuineness and uniqueness of typical products. You will pass between art products and ancient Artisan Shops. Magic of swords and swords, magic of fires, ethnic music, surprises in the square.

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